The Crafty Person Inside Me Is Exploding With Joy

Oh my! I’m practically doing backflips across my office floor right now. The excitement is nearly too much, I’m giddy, overjoyed, ok yes even that much excitement can be too much for me. Seriously though, I’ve stumbled upon the motherload of creative carpentry.

Ana White, who outgrew her first blog KnockOffWood, now runs Ana White. This is the blogger who got over 1,000,000 hits in her first three months of blogging. Why would it be called anything else? This little lady went from power-tool-averse to self trained on CAD tools and building her own house! She has great tips, free plans, and all the inspiration you need to get off your butt and get building.

Disappointed with the styles your finding? Just don’t want to pay the wicked $1300 price tag (or more???) of that Pottery Barn piece you’ve been eyeballing?¬† Ana’s got you covered.

I’ve committed to myself to completely overhaul my office space by July 27th. Just a few hours with Ana have me feeling confident and crafty.

Check out this great project for a cubby covered craft table, pics & plans are all Ana:



I’ll be acquiring my own power tool additions soon and setting off to work. I’m sure I’ll post about it along the way. And of course, praying to channel my inner Ana all the while.